Commercial Refrigerator Repair Issues: 10 Commonly Encountered Problems

The maintenance of commercial refrigerators can be tricky. Here, we share a few commonly encountered problems with commercial refrigerator issues.

Temperature issues

Commercial Freezer Repair Hillsboro Oregon

Commercial Freezer Repair Hillsboro Oregon

The main task of the refrigerator is to keep things cool. So if it’s not doing the essential task, then there is some issue. Start by checking whether the fridge is at the right temperature or not. Even after that, if the issue persists, then your refrigerator’s thermostat might need some repairing.

Blocked vents

Sometimes blocked vents can also cause temperature issues. This is not a significant issue; your Commercial refrigerator can quickly start working again by cleaning the vents. However, it is best to contact a professional refrigerator service repair service, as commercial refrigerators have complex structures.

Power supply issue

Sometimes power issues can also occur in commercial refrigerators. Such an issue will require immediate attention; otherwise, it can damage the complete device. Also, it will affect your work. So start by checking whether the plug is working fine or not. Then, switching the machine is better until a professional refrigerator repair service arises. You can also check the voltage supply if you have a detector. Sometimes irregular voltage can also cause the auto switch off of the refrigerator.


The primary function of the compressor is to keep the refrigerator cool. However, you might see temperature issues if it’s not working correctly. Also, the compressor requires regular cleaning to work efficiently. If not done correctly, then it might start acting up.

Evaporator fan

Sometimes if there is any issue with the evaporator fan, you might encounter freezing in the refrigerator. This ends up accumulating ice throughout the refrigerator.

Lighting issue

Sometimes the LED lights present in your refrigerator might not light up properly. This can happen due to damage to the fuse. This will lead to the replacement of the LED. However, it doesn’t affect the efficiency of the refrigerator directly.

Frost buildup

If the defrost cycle of your commercial refrigerator is not working correctly, then frost buildup can happen. This causes excess condensation inside the fridge. In this case, your content kept in the fridge can freeze too. But, again, this will require an immediate response from the repair service.


If you hear weird noises from your refrigerator, it can indicate some issues with the compressor again. However, noises can arise because of damage in other parts also. So this will require a thorough scanning of your device.


Sometimes your commercial refrigerator gate might not close properly. This indicates an issue with the door’s joints and the closing elastic. This will cause leakage of the gas from the refrigerator resulting in more power consumption for the temperature balance.

Drain pan discharge

Every commercial refrigerator comes with a drain pan where it releases water discharge. If you see ice pieces in that discharge, then this is a sign that there are some internal issues. As the problem arises within the internal parts, you must contact a professional refrigerator repair service.


Commercial refrigerators are costly and have complex structures. They will need regular maintenance, and if you encounter any of the above-mentioned issues, then it’s best to contact a professional refrigerator repair service.


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