Beaverton Oregon Furnace Repair: 8 Common Signs to Watch Out For

Furnace helps you to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the cold. But how to know when you require a repair or replacement? Read on as we unfold 8 common signs you should look for to repair your furnace.

Pungent furnace smell

Typically a furnace can smell close to the fuel they use, especially when they are being turned on for the first time in a year. However, they tend to vanish as the unit runs for a few minutes. But if you notice a strong, pungent smell of fuel around the unit for a longer time and it does not dissipate, this could be a sign to watch out for. It probably means there is a problem with your furnace.

Unable to start the unit

Furnace and Heating installation in Beaverton

Furnace and Heating installation in Beaverton

When a furnace ages, it requires time to turn on or off the unit. However, if you have to try starting the furnace multiple times throughout the day, then this can be a sign to get your furnace repaired. These functionality issues often happen from disconnecting wires or damage in the thermostats.

Change in the color of the pilot light

Pilot light color is another aspect of your furnace that needs to be eyed. Closely monitor your furnace’s pilot light and check for any color change, especially yellow. If the pilot light of your furnace changes to yellow, it possibly means there is a ventilation problem.

Inefficient heat

One of the most crystal clear signs that your furnace needs a repair is that the unit is not performing adequately. It may result in less heat production by the unit regardless of the thermostat setting. This may happen due to leaking ductwork that escapes the treated air and inadequate thermostat that do not communicate effectively with the furnace unit.

Persistent noise

Loud and persistent noise from the furnace can signify a serious problem. Squealing and whistling noise comes from fan or belt issues while groaning, resulting in broken and loose internal components.

Poor air quality

Your furnace system directly impacts the air quality, and a poorly maintained system results in moving foreign particles in your home along with heated air. If you start noticing dust and experience frequent coughs and allergies, then it could be a sign to resolve your furnace-related air quality issues through a professional.

Tripped carbon-monoxide detector

A tripped carbon-monoxide detector is a sign that your furnace needs repair. The detector is designed to alert the presence of toxic gases, and when it trips, it does not function effectively.

Malfunctioning thermostat

If your furnace’s thermostat is not working effectively or is leading to problems with the fan or controls, it’s time to revamp your furnace. This problem can probably result from a variety of conditions that are only accessed through professional help.


The changes in your furnace may occur either due to gases like carbon monoxide that don’t dissipate as they are supposed or several other reasons. So next time you see any of the above symptoms, consult a furnace repair near you.


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