5 Common furnace problems that keep you out in the winter

As long as you have a cozy home to return to, the gloomy and frigid colder months don’t have to be depressing. In fact, they may be a terrific time of year. Winter can be made or broken by your snug and comfortable chamber, but when something goes awry with your furnace, things get complicated. Here are a few of the most common furnace issues during the winter.

Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair

1. Only blowing cold air

Some of the most typical furnace issues in cold weather can have their roots in clogged or too unclean filters. Filters that are clogged make it difficult for the air to move freely, which makes your furnace work much harder. This is not only terrible monetarily, but it also prolongs the duration of the cold in your house. Ensure that the filters are routinely examined. Every 1-3 months, they should preferably be cleaned or replaced. If you’re unsure, speak with one of our experts, who can describe how to clean and change your filters.

It may also be an issue with your air ducts if your heater is pumping out cold air. They may require sealing because they are insufficiently insulated, which causes an uneven airflow.

2. Variable airflow

If parts of the rooms in your house are constantly freezing cold, whereas others are warm enough, there is probably an uneven airflow happening. Either the wrong system was built for your house, or the air ducts need to be cleaned. Contradictions in room temperature could also be a sign of poor insulation, drafts, and the entry of cold air rather than an issue with your furnace. When there are no problems with the insulation, on the contrary hand, the trouble may be with ventilation, and the vents could have to be adjusted. To find the issue, seek the advice of a specialist.

3. Overuse of cycling

If your furnace constantly turns on and off repeatedly, there may be a blocked filter, restricted airflow, or an incorrect thermostat setting to blame. It can also be a sign that air is escaping from your home.

4. Carbon Monoxide

This could be a very significant problem. You must install a carbon monoxide detector to protect yourself against leaks. If your furnace is old, it might have developed tiny cracks through which this deadly gas could enter your home. If such a leak exists, seek professional advice.

5. Loss of heat and power

In the dead of winter, loss of heat and power is obvious. A furnace power outage, a broken pilot light, or a malfunctioning ignition system could all be to blame. Anything to deal with malfunctioning ignition coils and pilot lights definitely needs professional assistance.

The bottom line

These are but a few of the frequent furnace troubles that arise during the cold months, some of which are more significant than others. To ensure that your furnace is in excellent operating condition during winter, contact experts right away.


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